Programs 2012


Single Parents Weekend

All families headed by one parent are welcome for this rejuvenating weekend. Our goal is to refresh your spirit in ways that are open to your beliefs and what you are coping with on a daily basis. Kids and teens will be occupied with a fun variety of programs, and parents are not required to cook or do dishes!

Children's Coed; grades 3-6

Our five night camps are structured, lively and nurturing and designed to support children in their first experiences away from home. There is fun, excitement and a great sense of accomplishment as children learn new skills and meet surprising challenges. The many "firsts" experienced at Artaban become treasured lifelong memories.

Junior Coed; grades 6-8

Kids this age are high energy, ready for new experiences, and very plugged into their friends. This camp challenges them with new games and activities, and helps them discover and develop their unique gifts. We role-model love and respect for others and campers are encouraged to expand their limits and to develop new friendships.

Senior Coed; grades 9-11

Are you up for hiking a mountain, canoeing and swimming, or just catching some rays on the dock? This camp is all about hanging out with friends in a place of amazing peace, adventure and fun. Kiss summer boredom goodbye! You'll have all your life to work, and only a few precious chances to just be a teen. Grab the opportunity if you can!

All Ages Coed; grades 4-10

Parents are able to send all of their children to camp at the same time. Programming for the different age groups will be provided; older kids will have separate programming options throughout each day, as will the younger ones. However, there will be opportunities for siblings to hang out with each other and share their camping experiences together too.

Girls Camp; grades 4-11

If you like to hang out in the spa and have slumber parties -- we've got it. If you would rather play sports, hike, climb and swim, we've got that too. Most girls are a combination of both -- so you can do it all! Campers come away with a renewed respect for themselves and their friends and ideas and inspiration for pursuing any dream they can think of. This is an amazing week!

Fine Arts; grades 7-11

Each summer we mount a full musical production in 5 days and perform it before parents and visitors. If you enjoy acting, singing, dancing, music or art, you'll love this camp. If you haven't discovered your talent yet, or you're happier backstage, join our stage crew. Experience powerful creative energy, outdoor activities, new friendships and lifelong memories. Parents and friends join us for Visitors' Day when you can see the wonderful production put on by this camp.

Senior Sailing Coed; grades 6-10

Camp Artaban is pleased to offer this great week of excitement on the water. Campers will learn the basics of sailing in a unique environment focusing on fun and boating safety. Participants will learn some terminology, knots, and how to sail by means of games and activities both on and off the water. By the end of the course, campers will be able to safely sail on their own! Once sailing instruction is finished each day, there will be time for all of the other camp areas including the climbing walls, the Blob and campfire.

Counsellor In Training; grade 12

Loved being a camper and you're ready for a new Artaban experience? Are you up for the challenge of becoming a leader? Being a leader is a big responsibility, and it's hugely rewarding to have an impact on campers' lives. Learn how to connect with younger kids, what to do in an emergency, and more. And enjoy a great Artaban experience at the same time.

Leadership Development; grades 10-12

Leadership Development is a new session for 2012.  Camp Artaban is teaming with Pinnacle Pursuits, a leading organization specializing in leadership, personal development and team-building, to provide an opportunity for our senior campers who want to combine the fun of camp with development of leadership skills.  This week’s specialized program will include challenge course work, out-tripping and initiative workshops including low ropes courses and team building sessions.  It will introduce participants to some of the "behind the scenes" work of Camp Artaban.

Family Camp

Traditional, blended, newly-wed, empty nest or couples with no children -- all families are invited to socialize, de-stress and revitalize for this six-day session in August. And no one has to cook or do dishes! There are games, crafts and sports programs for all ages, time for discussions on faith and other topics of interest, evening campfires, and lots of quality time to enjoy being a family.